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Feminist Professors to Declare that Michele Bachmann Has a Penis

Feminists have a problem these days.  For the second presidential election cycle, the Republicans have a female candidate who is poised to potentially land in the presidency or vice-presidency.  Feminist professors have been telling us for years that the time has come for a female president, both as a remedy to societal injustice and because women bring a different perspective to everything they do.  Unsurprisingly, that “different perspective” corresponds to support for the leftist ideas they propagate in their personal and professional lives.

And now feminist professors are stuck trying to find a way to to stop yet another conservative female candidate.  Sarah Palin was an idiot, which made their job a lot easier.  Bachmann doesn’t seem too bright either, but she presents a different problem.  Feminists have already used the “ditz card” on Palin.  Using it again on Bachmann would open them up to the same kind of criticism they’ve been leveling at men for a long time.  If they try to tar Bachmann with the idiot label, they become responsible for promoting a stereotype of female politicians as intellectually less capable than their male counterparts.  The feminists are desperate for a solution.

For that reason, we should all expect feminist professors to start teaching that Bachmann has a penis.  If she’s a man, her failure to adhere to leftist political beliefs is explained away without the feminists having to reconsider their precious philosophical beliefs.  And if Bachmann is a man, they can slander her and her intelligence as much as they want without undermining their cause.  But most importantly, this publicity stunt will let them walk around saying the word “penis” over and over again like a bunch of seventh graders.  (They already do it with the word “vagina” every year around Valentine’s Day.)  And where there are penises, there’s an opportunity for them to proclaim the Good News of their beloved and outdated Sigmund Freud.  I also suspect that we’ll be seeing some very interesting photoshopped pictures of Bachmann in the coming weeks.  Let’s just hope that the feminists keep the pics tasteful and don’t do any nude ones.

On second thought, maybe that last part is a little too much to ask.

The Difference Between Independent Thinking and Arrogance

In my last post, I inferred that college students are sometimes not open to the professors’ ideas they pay big bucks to listen to.  We sometimes see an attitude of “I already know better and I don’t have to read or listen to any of this garbage.  The professor should be agreeing with my ideas!”  If an education were nothing more than a diploma at the end, I might be able to let this attitude pass.  But it’s not, so I can’t.   If you’re a student, grow up and get over it.

The conservative movement (in particular) likes to make a lot of noise about how universities have been infiltrated by liberals who are subverting the pursuit of knowledge.  All too often, they hold up research that does not agree with their political views and declare academe to be more in touch with Marxism than reality.  They often do this without reading much of the research they target and sometimes the attacks reveal an incomprehension of what research is.  Sorry, it is not the job of biologists to find evidence for your Creationist religious beliefs.  However, if you ask really nicely, the professor will find other ways to stroke your self-esteem.  If not, maybe you can get yourself a cookie.  I recommend chocolate chip.

If conservative critics were to spend the time to move past the outlandish book titles and read the less provocative-sounding research, they would realize just how right they are.  There’s some pretty explicit politics buried underneath the arcane language of a lot of humanities and social science research.   The most popular philosophies and theories explicitly tell scholars to guide their research towards conclusions that support liberal views; you never get sound bites from this because the writing contains more contorted language than anything in the legal profession.   The only difference between a lot of professors and the anti-evolution Creationists is that the professors demand support for their pre-existing liberal beliefs instead of religious ones.  (I suppose the professors are also distinguished by their nifty clothing, but that’s a topic for another day.)  Neither group is particularly fond of engaging with an opposing viewpoint.  To see the consequences of this, check out FIRE’s blog; it is included on my blog roll.

It is arrogant to believe that you have all the answers without first gaining a substantial knowledge base and exposing yourself to conflicting opinions.  You are thinking independently when you gain knowledge, examine ideas you might initially find incorrect, and come to your own conclusion.  Don’t be like an arrogant professor.  Do you really want to spend decades of your life in pursuit of things you “already know?”  It’s kind of like an old movie called The Neverending Story, except no horses are killed.  If you check out FIRE’s website, you will find that some activist college administrators bear a striking resemblance to the statues that shoot lasers at anything that comes between them.  Drugs aren’t the only way people get fried in college, and there’s a great big Nothing coming after everyone.

It is also independent thinking to recognize that your professor has not gone through the necessary steps for independent thinking.  Just remember that the professor has no professional obligation to teach views that cannot be supported intellectually.  Sometimes, the opinion you enter class with does not merit the attention.  Also remember that many professors have read numerous books that promote liberal politics without offering much unbiased evidence, and therefore professors are qualified to promote liberal politics without offering much unbiased evidence.  Students need to learn their place.

And sometimes, the professor’s definition of what “can be supported intellectually” is “conforms to liberal politics.”  I’ll have to write about that another day.

The Top 10 Ways Newt Gingrich Resembles a Spoiled College Student

If you have visited my blog before, you may think I am not fond of college students.  Nothing can be further from the truth.  I’ll admit that college students are young, prone to doing stupid things, and can be tremendously dangerous if given a supply of weapons.  As long as they don’t do any grievous harm, it’s easy to forgive them for their shortcomings.  For many students, it was their parents and teachers who spoiled them.  It’s not their fault.

I say this because I’m about to hurl a huge insult at these kids: I am going to compare them to Newt Gingrich.  So here are the top 10 ways Newt Gingrich resembles a spoiled college student.

10: Newt Gingrich has a voracious appetite for luxury goods that are way beyond his income level.

9:  When Newt Gingrich indulges in those luxury goods and runs up a sizable credit card bill, he seems to expect that someone else will pick up the tab.

8: Even when his closest confidantes abandon him, he still acts like he’s right.  (I can respect a man for taking a stand, and standing for a more intellectual political debate is a good thing.   But if you’re going to pay someone to impart their knowledge and advice to you, you ought to pay at least some attention to it.)

7: Newt seems to be too naive to understand that he must choose between taking an unpopular stand and winning people over.  A few select people can pull this off with the help of others, it it is truly arrogant to believe you can do it on your own.

6: Newt has had embarrassing sexual exploits he’d rather not discuss.

5: Newt seems unable to recognize that he is performing beneath the level of his peers.

4: Newt went on vacation when he was supposed to be working and expected to receive a free pass.

3: Newt blamed his family’s scheduling choices when he got caught going on vacation.

2: Newt seems to forget that no one cares how smart he was 5 or 10 years ago.

1: Although he is no longer young, he is still prone to doing stupid things and could be tremendously dangerous if given a supply of weapons.

Based on this list, I think we can all see that Newt Gingrich does not have the class to stand against Barack Obama.  Let us never forget: When Obama’s grandmother died right before his big test, she really did die.