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Inaugural Post: A Public Service Announcement for Bloggers

This blog is designed to put everyone’s stupidity on display, hopefully causing some psychological damage or hurt feelings.  I will not name names; I assume readers can surmise what shortcomings apply to them.  If you would like me to write up a post that takes aim at your blog, please make a public request under one of my posts and I’ll see what I can do to make you a victim.  I always seek to please and I promise to be mediocre at best.

But I assume you did not open this page to hear me blather on about myself.  I’m here to talk about you, my dear reader.  Therefore, I would like to introduce my first public service announcement:

When you’re not really original, you look like an idiot!

As I searched for ideas for something to write about, I took a look at what some other people were offering up.   Not having a lot of time, I only scanned a few things here and there, and I ended up focusing on the titles.  Just a hint for the stupid folks out there: before giving your blog an official name, google the name.  If there are already multiple blogs in the top ten results, your little play on words isn’t that smart.  If Wikipedia has a disambiguation page for the name of your blog, you’re not as creative as you think you are.  Instead of these old and tired names, you would be better off with a blog name like “The Arachnid Penis.”  Besides being truly original, you can scare your friends with your zoological preoccupation and they won’t even be able to comment on how your blog title is meant to compensate for the size of your penis.  How large can arachnid penises be, anyway? 

And some of the posts I read look like the authors are trying to compensate for something.  In schools these days, teachers and professors spend their time telling the kids that they are special and unique.  It saddens me to see the psychological effects of this kind of upbringing.  So many students are led to believe that everything they do is wonderful, a unique contribution to the world.  Guess what: no it isn’t.  Did you know that educators often had to coddle your self-esteem when you didn’t deserve it just to keep their jobs?   And then some of you probably finished school and entered the real world only to find that no one else thought you were as special or smart as your teachers always said you were.  I’ve seen it happen and it can have traumatic effects.

So now I return to the purpose of my blog and the public service announcement.  I want to hurt your feelings.  I want you to know how dumb you are so you can live a happy and productive life.  So thank me.