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Why I Don’t Use Photos in this Blog

If you’ve spent much time reading my blog, you’ve probably noticed that I don’t use any pictures.  Sure, I have the image in my header but that one’s not exactly designed to be an eye-catcher.  There’s a reason for my spartan layout.

During my time in teaching, I noticed that student attention spans shrunk considerably.  It became daunting for them too look at a page of text without a huge block of color to break it up.  You can see this trend in popular newspapers and magazines as well.  (If you’d like to read about this from someone who has done a little research on the topic, take a look through Mark Bauerlein’s blog entries over at the Chronicle of Higher Education.  He blogs about this sometimes.) All too often, photography and pictures help dumb down the educational materials our students are given and it seems profoundly hypocritical to use those same tactics in a blog that is devoted to mocking what’s wrong in higher education and the effects these shortcomings have on graduates.

But I have to admit that I’m not completely opposed to photos or pictures in blogs. Sometimes, the photos or pictures are the main attraction and sometimes they help explain what the blogger has written. But in case you can’t live without your daily photo fix, I’d like to share a blog that has some really neat pictures:

Don’t click here if you hate spiders, insects, or fish.

I really do like those photos…