What a former college instructor really thinks…

List of All Posts (with links)

Appropriate Things to Do When You’re 16

The Arachnid Penis

The Arachnid Theory of Mind

Are Your Ready for a Ditty Battle?

Betty Crocker’s Zombie Cookbook

Blogging for Booze

Bring Back Crucifixion

Can Heroin and Vodka Help Students Learn?

Cannibals in the Classroom

Christian Conservative Euphemism for Penis

Church Chat with the Gothic Blog Princess

A Darkly Humorous View of Student Loans

The Difference Between Independent Thinking and Arrogance

A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Performing Breast Enhancement Surgery

Feminist Professors to Declare that Michele Bachmann Has a Penis

Fun with Credit Cards: A Public Service Announcement for College Freshmen

How to Sleep With Your Professor’s Husband

How to Sleep With Your Professor’s Wife

How to Talk About Sex Without Being Attacked by Feminists

“Inappropriate” Places to Pee

Inaugural Post: A Public Service Announcement for Bloggers

Introducing the School’s New Lunch Lady

Latin for Losers

Letter from HR: The Impotence of an English Major

Letter from HR: Waiting for Prince Charming

Love Letter to a Former Student

Man vs. Food?

Mr. Skull’s Kindergarten Class

My Dream Job: Educational Deprogrammer

My First Victim is not a Victim, or the Faults of Academic Liberals

Necrotic Hijinks is Now on Facebook

Neurons Asunder

Niekrophilia: The Love of Dead Cultural References

Now Bend Over For Your Punishment

“Oskar Schindler was my Grandfather’s Great Uncle and That Makes Me a Special Student”

The Plagiarist vs. The Play Jurist

Proposed Biology Course: The Anatomy of Kittens

Proposed Chemistry Course: Postmodern Alchemy

Proposed College Math Course: Pre-Algebra for Dummies

Proposed Geography Course: I See London, I See France

Proposed Philosophy Course: The Aesthetics of Sarah Palin’s Bra

Proposed Phys. Ed. Course: Sumo Wrestling for Anorexics

Proposed Religion Course: Satan Worship for Fun and Profit

A Public Service Announcement for Brainwashed College Students

A Public Service Announcement for Kids Who Are Leaving for College

A Public Service Announcement for Students who don’t Bathe

A Public Service Announcement for Unemployed Bloggers

Pyrotechnics: The Next Big Thing in Classroom Technology

Quiz: Can You Tell That I’m Blogging About You?

Ryan Dunn, Bam Margera, and Other Deathly Fun

Sand is Good for the Skin and Good for the Soul

Serious Thoughts on College Career Services

Shake Your Booty and Don’t Give Pop Quizzes

The Swedish Chef Performs Neurosurgery

Ten Sickening Ways to Bribe Your Students for Food

Testicular Deformations and Why Sex Ed is Important

The Top 10 Ways Newt Gingrich Resembles a Spoiled College Student

Today’s Victim: The Search Engine

TUI (Teaching Under the Influence)

Victimizing a Blogger and Sigmund Freud

What Cougars Like to Put in their Mouths (And What We Don’t)

What is Ass Fiction?

What Kind of Evil Lurks in the Heart of Miss Independant?

What Will They Learn? ACTA Doesn’t Know…

Who I Am and Why I Blog

Why I Don’t Use Photos in this Blog

Why I Was Always Jealous of Dentists

Why I’m Glad July 4th is During Summer Vacation

Why My Ph.D. Lets Me Get Away With Everything on this Blog

You’re Pretty When You Weep

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