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Messages to my Readers

New Game at Necrotic Hijinks

Hello regular readers (and whoever else is reading this).

I have started a new contest on this blog.  I took a picture and photoshopped it until it became an inkblot.  I’m giving people one week to guess what it is.  If no one gets it right by then, I’ll choose the most entertaining responses and let people vote on a winner.

Here’s the link:


You can also get there through the “Inkblot 3000 Game” tab in the header menu.

Necrotic Hijinks is Now on Facebook

I would like to start by offering a big Thank You to everyone who has been reading this blog so far.   Because of the reaction it has received (and because I blog anonymously, which means that I’m not promoting it through my existing social networks), I have opened a Facebook page for this blog.  I doubt I’ll visit the Facebook page very often, which means that the blog is still the best place to leave comments for me.

BTW: It’s set up as a business page, not a personal page… so I won’t be able to do a lot of the things than can be done with personal pages.  Now if only I were making money from this blog like a business…

Happy reading, and may your time here be the least painful victimization you experience today.