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Serious Stuff I Read Regularly:

A 30-year veteran of high school teaching and award-winning writer takes on some of the same educational issues as I do, plus a lot of related topics.

FIRE is perhaps the leading voice in defense of free speech on campus.  Any student or faculty member who does not support academe’s widespread enforcement of leftist beliefs needs to know about this organization; they are the ones who can come to your defense if necessary.

This site was purchased by Consumer Reports and remains an excellent resource for finding out about consumer scams and other questionable practices.

Andrew Zimmern has a TV show on The Travel Channel called Bizarre Foods.  He is one of the few people who promote intercultural understanding without adding a hefty dose of liberal politics.  He also likes to eat insects… and who couldn’t like a person like that?

Although this blog is still in its infancy, it is easily one of the best philosophy blogs I’ve seen.


Victims’ Honor Roll: Blogs Written by People with a Sense of Humor

A. M. Harte

Cheap Ass Fiction

Corkscrew boo-hoo

The Embarrassment

Finding 42

I am Miss Independant

Idiot Photographer

Josh Sterner

The Laughing Housewife

Maxim’s Madness


Peas and Cougars





The Spiral Staircase


Words Asunder

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  1. David Masten

    Thank you for adding the link to BlazingTruth.com! I’m still working on the details of my pages, but a link page should be up shortly with a blogroll and a reference to your blog. More importantly, thank you for the kind words! This is the first review I’ve seen posted outside of a forum setting, so thank you again!

    David Masten
    Author, BlazingTruth.com

    July 1, 2011 at 2:50 pm

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