What a former college instructor really thinks…


This started a humor blog that focused mostly on college.  More recently, the blog has evolved into a platform for my “Victimizing Other Bloggers” series.  I still plan to do some of the old education-related content, but there’s a limited amount of college humor you can do before the punchlines start going stale.

If you would like to be a victim, please leave a comment on the “Victimhood Can Be Yours” page, which can be accessed through the header menu.


And if you choose to stay and look at my education humor, here’s what you need to know:

I like to thrash both faculty and my beloved students. (I really did love my students… now get your mind out of the gutter.) I’m egalitarian that way.

If you’d like to see what one former instructor really thinks, you might like those entries.  If you enjoy gripes about people whose self-esteem is over-inflated, you’ll love those entries.  If you want to see someone write against pernicious effects that the self-esteem movement has had in our schools, this is the place for you.  (And that’s where the whole “Victimizing Other Bloggers” concept came from…)

If you’d like to discuss some of the substantive issues I try to raise with my humor, leave a comment and we can chat.  I also like to recommend further readings, but be forewarned that I have a Ph.D. and my tastes run towards the intellectual end.

And finally: if you expect a blogger to make you feel good about yourself, you won’t like me very much. Go back and play Candy Land until you grow up.

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