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How to Talk About Sex Without Being Attacked by Feminists

Blogger’s note: This is the third in my series called “Victimizing Other Bloggers.”  If you would like to be attacked in a future post, leave a message for me here.


As I’ve written before in this blog, our nation’s colleges and universities are making sure that their students continue to be infants.  This is especially noticeable when we look at how colleges have trained people to talk about sex.  There are several important culprits here: the trumpeting of crass sexual talk by women, the denunciation of crass sexual talk by men, and an Orwellian enforcement of politically correct language among everyone.  This has made a generation or more of college graduates dysfunctional when it comes to talking about such a major part of life.

This comes through loud and clear when you read Corkscrewboo’s blog. Here’s a picture of our friend:

I get it.  She likes to screw.  She didn’t have to beat around the bush to say that.    But it seems obvious that she literally likes to beat around the bush.  Here’s another picture of her:

This is obviously her way of saying “I like to screw chicks.”  If I (a man) were to say “I like to screw chicks,” every feminist on WordPress would be telling me to show the ladies more respect.  But in today’s politically correct world, men are the only ones who have to show women respect.   But you may object: Corky didn’t come out and say that!  And you’d be right… but she’s asking chicks to tweet them so she can screw them and I’m kind of sure WordPress doesn’t condone that sort of behavior on its website.

I don’t think I would recommend that chicks let Corky screw them.  That curled metal dildo looks like it would hurt.  And judging from the flatness of her breasts in the photo, most women could probably do a lot better.  (Is that why she’s looking at nipple bras?)

Wait a minute… Corky has a penis and a flat chest.  Are we sure she isn’t a guy who is just trying to get around the oppressive social expectations that feminists have placed on men?  If she is, good for him and I hope he gets his chicks.  And so the advice I have for him is taken directly from his website:

Don’t whine.  Just drink it in.  Fill it to the brim.  Leave no cork unpopped.  Make like the grape and feel good in your skin.

3 responses

  1. Hahahaha! Love it, you have encapsulated Corkscrews essence 😉 with a few exceptions, I am a woman, I promise, I am definately not flat chested nor am I a feminist, but other than that well done and although I do bat for both sides nice “Freudian slant” there, I really did pick my name and picture because I like wine.
    I want to thank you for giving my daughter and I the biggest laugh we’ve had all day 😉 x

    July 16, 2011 at 2:23 pm

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