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Ryan Dunn, Bam Margera, and Other Deathly Fun

This morning, I took a look at the news headlines and found that three very telling stories had made the cut.  The main ideas were:

  • Margera mourns the death of his friend (his sobbing is emphasized).
  • Margera had predicted that Dunn would die in a car crash.
  • Margera is angry at Roger Ebert’s comment.

Even with all the fluff news pieces that come out today, I’m still amazed that “Man sobs over friend’s death” is considered newsworthy.  Do people really need a journalist to tell them that the guy would be mourning?   “Man dances at friend’s death site” would less dopey and probably a lot more entertaining to read.

But I would like to take come creative license with these headlines.  When Ebert said that friends don’t let Jackasses drink and drive, there’s a little accusation hidden at the back of the comment.  If you’re letting someone drink and drive, you share the fault for what they do.  Margera wasn’t with Dunn before he died and he couldn’t possibly have “let” him drink and drive that night.  But what about other nights?   Besides what everyone got to see on TV (which was staged), I wonder if letting Dunn drink and drive was something he ever did, or did regularly.   Maybe Margera’s breakdown was worse than most people’s because of that.  This must be a terrible blow to his precious self-esteem.  Pay attention to Margera’s response to Ebert:

“I just lost my best friend.  I have been crying hysterical for a full day.”

Yeah, it’s all about “me,” not the guy who died.  “I” just lost, not “Ryan” just lost.  It’s good to see that people haven’t lost their sense of what’s important.  But if we’re lucky, we’ll start seeing posters on university campuses with Dunn’s photo and the caption “Friends don’t let jackasses drive drunk.”

I normally can’t stand celebrity news stories, but it’s about time DUI was prominent in the news.

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